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RedTail Power Yoga teaching team in their stunning studio

The Team

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

The Team

Meet Hudson Valley's premier team of yoga instructors—a cohesive group of seasoned experts who excel in helping you rediscover your innate strength and rise beyond self-imposed limitations.

With a collective dedication to Focus, Flow, and Evolve, we will empower you on your yoga journey, guiding you towards transformation and self-realization. 

RedTail Power Yoga Founder Maureen Benedict E-500 Hour RYT

Maureen Benedict

Passionate | Curious | Kind

Anthony Santomassimo

Strong | Balanced Genuine

RedTail Power Yoga Instructor Anthony 200 Hour RYT

Christina Winnett

Analytical | Purposeful | Sweet

RedTail Power Yoga Instructor Christina 500 Hour RYT

Danielle Perry

Authentic | Resilient | Loving

RedTail Power Yoga Instructor Danielle 200 Hour RYT

Elisa Rigaglia

Compassionate | Giving | Intentional

RedTail Power Yoga Instructor Elisa 200 Hour RYT

Kacee Cooke

Passionate | Thinking | Weird

RedTail Power Yoga Instructor Kacee 200 Hour RYT

Rosie Spataro

Loving | Strong | Compassionate

RedTail Power Yoga Instructor Rosie 200 Hour RYT
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